Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

We all know 98% of searchers on any search engine don't go beyond page 1. So it is very important for your business to acquire that valuable click to generate better ROI to be competitive in this marketplace. And as a certified Google Partner we exactly know how to get this done. We are well Versed with Google & its marketing tools to accumulate those valuable clicks & those clicks into conversions.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising:

  • Be found at the top of Google
  • Target your ideal search phrases
  • Increase web traffic and qualified leads
  • Get immediate results

Our Pay Per Click Advertising includes:

  1. Search Advertising:

    This is one of the commonly used technique to generate more meaningful traffic to your website. We set up your ads along with the set of relevant key phrases which can generate a click. We also do brainstorming to optimize this campaign to generate more click at the lowest possible cost. Let us help you to find the perfect strategy that would work for your requirements.

  2. Display Advertising:

    In this advertising paradigm, we try to present your brand with to the well-known sites which are partnered with Google & thereby generate clicks. This is great if you want to create awareness for your brand or to retarget your audience.

  3. Remarketing:

    We are also specialized in monitoring your website traffic and optimize those visitors to generate sales. this is the best tool to optimize your conversion rate.

  4. Mobile Advertising:

    Use of Mobile devices have grown exponentially over the past few years & hence marketing on them is equally important. We use this particular advertising model to maximize App Downloads & Installations, Leads, Brand Awareness, E-commerce Sales.

  5. Other Specialized Paid Advertising Services:

We also provide Paid Advertising Services on the platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Amazon

Make your life simpler.

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